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Retail News Winter 2012/13

Retail spending in December rose by 3.9% year on year. Month on month sales rose by 19%, 2% up on 2011. ¬£3bn was spent on Boxing Day, one of the best shopping days ever, but sales arrived later this year than before. Supermarkets were up 6.5% and online spending rose by 12%. Luxury spending was down overall by 1.4% but Continue Reading...

Retail News Spring 2012

The national trend in on line retailing will slow eventually as the sector matures, so selection of High Streets will be the key to growth and London and the South East and Cathedral towns will always remain popular. It has a long way to go yet though, as only 3.4% of shopping is done on line in Europe as compared to 4.6% in the US. It is anticipated to...

Retail News Winter 2011/12

The national trend now is for shoppers to frequent larger shopping centres for a day out, less often, partly due to petrol costs, in preference to going to smaller centres. Retail sales grew by 0.7% in October, but retailers are cutting margins, while facing higher costs. The mild winter so far has hit clothing sales and 40% of clothing retailers have cut jobs but John Lewis, the UK retail thermometer of...

Retail News Summer 2011

The internet has conspired to bring about a lot of recent High Street Retail Company demises of what have become in many cases tired brands, which failed to reinvent themselves. Retailers also need fewer locations to have nationwide coverage so the more important towns are getting stronger along with out of town parks. The High Street is far from vanishing, as some headlines report, but rather reinventing itself with new and...

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